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With the expansion of the Affordable Health Care Act, treatment for mental and behavioral health became an included coverage on nearly every health insurance plan in the United States. This combined with the expansion of Medicaid, granted the financial means to nearly everyone. Yet millions of people still go untreated.

Unfortunately, and too often, patient care is measured by expense and not medical necessity. We work diligently to combat this with each patient.  

As a company, we strongly advocate for the expansion of quality services in every community, particularly, the communities that we serve. This includes promotion of services, exploring new techniques and ensuring that each patient is afforded the care they qualify for.  

Substance Abuse is a mental health crisis, not a criminal activity. Too often, individuals suffering from the effects of substance abuse are caught up in the judicial system before they can realize their options. Many will argue that the addict is not willing or that the criminal activity they are associated with is justification for incarceration.

We disagree and believe that imprisonment is a short-term solution for a long-term problem. Without the appropriate interventions, the individual is left untreated and therefore, is destined to maintain the consequences of the addiction cycle.

Everyone’s “motivation for change” differs from one another. We have seen the dramatic effects that stabilization plays in the rehabilitation of an offender and continue to work with all levels of the justice system to help addiction intervention become the primary resource.  

It is no secret that the health care system in the United States is a broken system. Though we are not capable of fixing it ourselves, we do know that we can do our part to ensure that everything we do is above board and ethical.

Cost effective treatment to us means that we continue to advance our understanding and professional abilities to produce the best product possible at a cost that is fair and reasonable. Though there are many factors that are beyond out control, we are committed to improving the industry over and over again. At the end of each day, we measure our success on the results of our valued clients.

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