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Arizona's White Mountains Premier Addiction Treatment Program

There is not a single “fix” for those struggling with the negative effects of addiction. At RecoveryWorks, we are unceasingly evolving how we work and how we look at each  therapeutic challenge so we can continue to deliver the opportunity for measurable and sustainable results to our clients and our communities.

Addiction Treatment Programs

Reclaim. Restore. Renew.


Coming Soon, RecoveryWorks Detox Program is safely introduces our clients into life free from substance.

RecoveryWorks Supportive Housing offers residents a safe and affordable way to establish their lives in sober community.

Stepping away from everyday burdens long enough to recharge and strengthen our being is often the golden ticket to everlasting freedom.

Our program extends beyond the treatment setting and into your daily life with our peer support services. 

RecoveryWorks Outpatient Program is designed to support you all the way through. 

We define therapy to go beyond the four walls of a room and into mother natures living room.

Are You Ready To Experience Freedom?

Fostering a spirit of tranquility, Arizona’s White Mountains have been sought out by many as a place of restoration. At an elevation of 6,345 feet, the area attracts a large crowd of visitors eager to slow down and take advantage of the mild mountain air and pristine environment with endless opportunities to unplug. We welcome you to do just that; leave your struggles and burdens behind as you experience freedom in your renewed identity.

Addiction Treatment Programs

Why choose RecoveryWorks?


Measurable Outcomes

From the creation of the treatment plan, through each recovery milestone, and beyond the treatment setting, measurable data is the driving force of our collaborative decisions.


Tailored Services

A treatment program can never be viewed as the single "fix". Every client has their own unique challenges & our role is to help establish a solid foundation through the various therapeutic settings.


The Treatment Experience

Recovering from substance abuse is greater than abstinence. Its creating a solid foundation built of positive experiences, healthy habits & spiritual growth that reinforce your decision to pave a new road.


Outstanding Amenities

Our recovery experience extends far beyond the four walls of a traditional environment and encompasses numerus amenities including physical fitness, team sports, and many mountain based activities


Life Long Relationships

Sustainability is found in our own communities where our relationships enforce our personal accountability and open the door to new possibilities. We are a community that goes with you.


Sober Living Communities

Our personal environment is critical to our success and for many this is the most obvious cause for concern. Our supportive housing allows you your dignity while helping you establish healthy habits in recovery.

Just to name a few...


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Where we have been isn't nearly as important as where we are going.


Beyond the facts and figures that speak to the capabilities of our program, our combined years of understanding the needs of our clients, or our individual philosophies, as noble as they maybe, lies the truest measure of RecoveryWorks: The impact we make in the lives of our clients, families, communities and, our people.

So, when people ask us how RecoveryWorks is different, the answer resides in numerous specific examples of our unique patient-centered approach, how we contribute to our community, and our investment in our people as they strive to make meaningful progress or achieve remarkable goals. Deeper still, it is our core beliefs, unwavering love, optimistic convictions, and fundamental sense of purpose that derive all that we do.

For us, good is not good enough. This is the driving force that fuels the passion and commitment that runs deep through our every action and what makes us truly different at RecoveryWorks, our deep-rooted passion to make a difference in the lives of our clients, our community, and our people.

Frequently Asked Question's


RecoveryWorks has a variety of programs for adults ages 18 and above. 

There are multiple factors that goes into creating an individual treatment plan which is what ultimately decides the over all length of a program and the frequency of visits. In total we can have a client for up to six months.  

Program cost is one of our most common questions and the simple answer is we don’t have enough information yet. Without completing an assessment and establishing a treatment plan it is impossible to quote you a price [yet].  One of our primary goals is to reduce barriers to treatment and we have multiple ways to help you get the care that you need.

There are many do’s and don’ts when it comes to packing for treatment. Click Here for more information about planning for treatment and to get a packing check list.

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