Partial Hospitalization Program in Show Low

Day Treatment for
Substance Abuse

For many, recovering from drug or alcohol dependency is a life or death matter. No matter the circumstances that lead to drug dependency, the journey is different for everyone. Addiction can be relatively straightforward or it may include more complex co-occurring symptoms that require greater stabilization. Our people understand that each person’s path to recovery is unique and requires an individualized plan to meet each individual’s needs.

RecoveryWorks Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) in Show Low, Arizona is ideal for individuals that do not meet the requirements of a higher level, medically supervised program but will continue to benefit from intensive daily therapy, support, and personal connection our program offers. Patients participate in daily programming and either return to their own environment or take advantage of the supportive residential community we offer. The flexibility this type of program offers is a critical step of reintegrating back into everyday society while benefiting from the ongoing support to continue growing.

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What Does Partial Hospitalization Include?

RecoveryWorks has a singular focus: to help each individual maximize their opportunity for a life-time of success. There’s a growing recognition of how critical program diversity is to the overall outcomes of each patient. RecoveryWorks Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) offers five hours of diverse treatment programs each day, Monday through Friday and, we have a full plate of fun on the weekends.

Psycho-educational groups deliver the insight required to understand the mental and behavioral aspects of the individual. RecoveryWorks varies our delivery from instructional to group discussions to keep each person engaged.

Step Discussions
The 12-steps has been a proven method for an individual to address many of the side-effects of addiction. Step groups dive deep in personal understanding of each step to assist the individual in facilitating or working the steps.

Recreational Therapy
Recreational therapies assists individuals as they recover basic physical and mental abilities, build confidence, and socialize effectively. RecoveryWorks utilizes a variety of interventions, such as arts and crafts, physical fitness & conditioning, meditation, team sports, and when you have the back yard that we do, mountain based activities.

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