Our Treatment Philosophy
Reclaim. Restore. Renew.

RecoveryWorks is a state licensed addiction recovery program specializing in the treatment of substance use disorder in the adult population. Our primary focus is on exposing the human being behind the addiction to uncover a true healing experience. Our program consists of multiple therapeutic settings and with a frequency that varies on each patients’ individualized treatment plan.

RecoveryWorks holistic approach to recovery combines Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with an Experiential Therapy component. Together, these choices foster growth in the individual by challenging unwanted, negative thought and behavioral patterns and re-experiencing thought, behavior and experience in a constructive manner. Clients count on the extended support RecoveryWorks provides as a foundational platform to slow down and heal while they build a sustainable pathway, free from the life altering struggles of addiction.

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Each week, clients receive:

As a client evolves throughout their treatment plan, they are tasked with numerous challenges, identifying, and building personal confidence in their ability to remain free from substance. These challenges include building exterior support systems, personal accountability mechanisms, coping skills, vocational and employment opportunities, and social supports.

RecoveryWorks believes that sustainability is key to creating lasting outcomes in our clients. One of the major contributors to sustainability is a belonging to a supportive community. In addition to our addiction treatment program, RecoveryWorks makes safe, affordable sober living available to our clients. We recognize that many of our clients are without an exterior support system. Our sober communities are peer-led and managed by a staff that ensures personal accountability and safety of each resident while fostering vocational, employment and social supports.

RecoveryWorks believes it is our ethical responsibility as well as, our desire to ensure that each client is equipped with the necessary tools, support, and capability to prosper in long term sobriety. We feel that at the end of each treatment episode we are paid for a result. This result is sustainability in sobriety and relapse prevention.

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