Addiction Treatment Programs

Substance Abuse Treatment

Behind every addiction is a human-being with a story. Often, this story is made up of a painful and difficult past. We embrace each story while providing the tools necessary to create a new and stable foundation.

Residential Treatment Program

Stepping away from everyday burdens long enough to recharge and strengthen our being is often the golden ticket to everlasting freedom. Take the opportunity to retreat and build a sustainable pathway back to your life.

Mountain Based Therapy

Located in Arizona’s White Mountains, we are surrounded by splendor and beauty. Our program takes complete advantage of our surroundings and encompasses recreation with healing.

Opioid Abuse Treatment

The world has an opioid problem with very little solutions though, there is help available. Our program is designed to address everyone’s circumstances in a manner that allows them to confidently take charge of their life.

Alcohol Abuse Treatment

Alcohol remains Americas dirty little secret. It is available everywhere, socially acceptable and take our lives hostage. Freedom is available and we are equipped to stand strong as you find restoration.

Outpatient Treatment Program

Outpatient options are an excellent option for continuing your journey and offer flexibility to help you remain connected as you continue to reach your ultimate potential.

RecoveryWorks Treatment Philosophy

RecoveryWorks is an addiction recovery center specializing in the treating of substance use disorder in the adult population. Our primary focus is on exposing the human being behind the addiction to uncover a true healing experience. Our program consists of multiple therapeutic settings and with a frequency that varies on each patients’ individualized treatment plan.



  • Alcohol Abuse 
  • Substance Abuse 
  • Opioid Abuses 
  • Co-Morbid Elements
  • Relapse Prevention 

The Road Map to Recovery

Your Journey Starts Here

Where we have been is not nearly as important as where we are going. All though, where we have been tends to occupy the forefront our minds, preventing us from progressing forward. Today we take action. Today is the day we begin to build the foundations we need to thrive.

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