The Road Map to Recovery

Find your way. Discover you why.

Where we have been is not nearly as important as where we are going. All though, where we have been tends to occupy the forefront our minds, preventing us from progressing forward. Today we take action. Today is the day we begin to build the foundations we need to thrive.

By design, RecoveryWorks primary focus is helping you create the foundations you need to achieve everlasting success. We achieve this by combining the therapeutic opportunity required to reclaim your life with the experiences you need to restore. Each day is built on a structure that supports the creation of healthy habits, personal challenges, physical conditioning, spiritual growth, and educational opportunities. As you evolve through each day, you will begin to redefine your identity.

Upon your arrival, your journey starts with our professionals helping you identify each of your opportunities. Together, we collaborate with you to develop an attainable action plan which becomes your personal roadmap to recovery. We ensure that each mile marker represents goals that you believe in, along with, clearly defined benchmarks and, together, we get to work reclaiming your life.

Everyday you are surrounded by peers and support staff that, together, become your team to help you overcome any obstacle in your way. With your newly discovered team, you learn the power of unity and how it plays into your personal sustainability.

As a program, we clearly understand that there is not an easy solution or a one size fits all. We utilize this understanding to remain client-focused, working with you to develop from week to week. As you evolve, we help you identify your exit strategy, ensuring that you are equipped to continue growing as you enter new settings.  

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